Every Philly School

In Philly,

only 36% of 8-year-olds

are reading at grade level

and only 16% of 8th graders

are proficient in math.

Think of the impact if every school in Philadelphia was being prayed for and had an active church partner. That is the goal of Every Philly School, a project of the Philadelphia Gospel Movement.

We are calling Christians and churches in Greater Philadelphia to three actions that we believe will significantly impact the future of our schoolchildren:

  1. Take prayer walks around a local school.

  2. Meet with the principal/school officials to learn about the school, asking how your church could serve the school and its students. (click here for some tips)

  3. Form a church (or multi-church) partnership with the school. (Partnership ideas)

Don’t know your local school? Or want to participate from the suburbs?

Let us know if you or your church will (or has already done) those activities by sharing your information.