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Movement Day Philadelphia

Convening local leaders with a vision of aligning the city with the gospel.
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Movement Day Philadelphia is a day where a diverse group of Christians gather as one body to celebrate the amazing things God is already doing in our city, discover the hidden things we have yet to see and accelerate a unified and active Christian front line ready to serve the needs of our city.


Convening Leaders

MDPHILA tackles the issues plaguing our city by coming together and forming solutions.

Movement Day Philadelphia embodies the importance of big-picture thinking with localized collaboration methodology. The convening of community leaders is essential to identifying and cultivating proactive solutions for the spiritual and social issues plaguing our city.

Transforming Philadelphia

MDPHILA seeks to transform the city through the collaboration of local leaders.

At each Movement Day Philadelphia gathering, you will glean insights and have discussions with top-notch marketplace, nonprofit and para-church leaders, who have come together for the sole purpose of leading in collaboration to transform the city of Philadelphia.

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