Strategy & Outcomes

Our Strategy is to create environments for Christian leaders throughout the city to convene together, build relationships and trust and see how they may work together for the good of the city. 


PGM mobilizes networks of churches and leaders around city-focuses efforts. Networks gather around either by geographic proximity or a specific cause and need in the city.


PGM maintains a posture of learning allowing us to better understand the real needs of Philadelphia with the purpose of connecting the Church and local social service agencies to most effectively meet those needs.


PGM mobilizes collaborative neighborhood and city-wide initiatives that unleash the Church on Christ’s mission to meet the most pressing needs of our city.


PGM serves as a neutral convener, connecting and equipping church leaders in Philadelphia for unity in Christ’s mission through a series of events like conferences, networks gatherings either directly hosted by PGM or throughout our network partners.


Our Outcomes

New Disciples
Deep Needs Met
City Changes