G Mcdowell pic.jpeg

Rev. Glenn mcdowell- Co-Chair

Glenn was a part of the original founding team of Liberti Church Fairmount as an Associate Pastor. The current focus of Glenn's ministry is to bring synergy to the diverse elements of the body of Christ in Philadelphia - for the good of the entire city. The goal is answering Jesus’ prayer in John 17: "Father, may my disciples be one, that the world might believe.”  

GalanasSkip Daintree photo.jpg

Skip galanes- Volunteer Finance Manager

Skip, now retired, had a business career dealing with commercial real estate finance as a consultant, lender, and investor. During the last 13 years, his practice focused on financing affordable housing. Before moving from Boston, Skip was a board member and volunteer for Emmanuel Gospel Center whose mission was to “Learn, Equip, and Connect” with Christian leaders from various backgrounds in addressing systemic problems in the Boston area. This EGC experience is very valuable in working with Philadelphia Gospel Movement in its start up phase.

Dave Brindley, photo by Danya Henninger for Billy Penn.jpg

Dave brindley- Collaboration Director

Dave brings people together to solve problems. As the Collaboration Director for Cru City, he brings churches together to create a more just city where people can know Jesus. His work with the Philadelphia Gospel Movement will focus on churches coming together to adopt their local, K-12 school. Outside of ministry, he launched the anti-litter site Not in Philly. This is the first map-enabled, adopt-a-block site in the country, with over 1,500 members. As a top young community leader, he has been known to advocate for and install his own protected bike lanes in West Philadelphia.


Emily Davis-Administrator

Emily has a passion for helping and empowering people. As a former program director of Utility Emergency Services Fund for the past 10 years, she is a strong, organized leader who brings a wealth of knowledge on successfully starting new programs. In her time there, she has provided people with financial assistance and educated them to solve their immediate needs and to help them be self-sustaining long term. Her experience will play an important role in coordinating events and contribute to the growth of Philadelphia Gospel Movement.