Calvary Chapel Prayer Event

A group of pastors were invited to the Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia to be blessed with prayer and fellowship.

After a time of worship and prayer by and for the Calvary Chapel congregants, Pastor Joe Focht invited all pastors to come forward to the microphone, and introduce ourselves, tell what church we are from, and give a prayer request.

It was a very moving experience as we heard over and over again how God is working in many church networks throughout our city and region. One consistent theme that stood out was prayer requests for endurance on the part of pastors and prayer for revival in the Church in our region. 

Following that, Pastor Joe invited us to spread throughout the congregation of maybe two or three hundred people, to be prayed for for half an hour.

People gathered around us, laid hands on us and prayed for us in very moving ways. I felt intimately supported for my family and ministry by the 12 people praying for me. 

Following the two hour service, we met in a separate room with Pastor Joe and and other Calvary Chapel pastors and shared a meal with them over many hearty conversations. 

Pastor Joe invited us to return for more of these prayer times. He also offered to host us at their prayer retreat center in the mountains for overnight prayer days. 

I look forward to many more such events where the Spirit of God is moving us forward to greater unity, and greater kingdom effectiveness for revival and for serving our city. 

It was an amazing evening and the Lord was clearly with us in a powerful way!