Our Vision

To see Greater Philadelphia flourish spiritually, economically, and culturally through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

To advance strategic collaboration amongst churches, marketplace and non-profits to bless Greater Philadelphia.

Our Outcomes

1. Disciples of Jesus become an increasing percentage of our population, especially those under thirty-five, as we support one another in the Body through renewal and church planting movements. 

2. God’s people, serving in unity, addressing the deep needs of the city

3. Christians in every sphere of society bring measurable changes for good to our city that reflect God’s Kingdom. Collaborating Christians live out the gospel humbly and boldly in their workplace. The outcome is God’s shalom: economic well-being and systemic Biblical justice.

Though there are many believers in our region, the Kingdom is impeded because we are isolated and divided by ethnicity, culture, theological traditions, by generations, economics and by city versus suburbs. The Body of Christ is impoverished by not being closely connected. But Jesus calls us to oneness that the world might believe! John 17 

Through deeper relationships of love and trust, Christ-centered churches in the same neighborhood will have greater gospel impact. Likewise, Christians in commerce, the trades and professions, and the arts will collectively have a profound Kingdom impact in their spheres. And Christian agencies will accelerate impact in fields of common ministry. As a network of networks, PGM seeks to advance a gospel ecosystem for Greater Philadelphia. 

God is more present in the city when God’s people are more present with each other.