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Strengthening Christians in the area of evangelism.
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1/2 percent of the population in Resistencia Argentina were believers. After the revival 20 percent came to faith in Jesus. My initial thoughts were, "Why not here!! Why can’t that begin to happen now!" We want to see that kind of Revival come to Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area. Believers in Jesus experiencing ongoing awakening and true consciousness of God. Philadelphia Gospel Movement wants to come alongside Pastors and Christian leaders to strengthen believers in evangelism. 


BLESS Philly

BLESS Philly is a movement activating believers throughout Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mandate is to change the spiritual climate of Philadelphia by following Jesus’ model in Luke Chapter 10. It is a picture of what can happen when Christians begin to take ownership of the spiritual climate of their spheres by blessing their “neighbors” (people around them). It is a form of evangelism that produces a spiritual climate shift resulting in people turning and returning to Jesus.

1. Speak Peace
2. Fellowship With Them
3. Take Care Of Their Needs
4. Proclaim Good News 

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